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Success Stories

Live Well Partners have good things to say. (Of course they do!)

Read on to see how partners around the world are upping their game, earning lucrative incomes, enjoying more free time than ever, experiencing life, having fun, and helping others get on board with a healthy lifestyle.


Aimee Phlegar
Personal Trainer + Health Coach

Success Story:

Partnering with Live Well International has given me the opportunity to offer more value and programs to my clients while increasing my business. It has allowed me to branch out as well, touching the lives of people I never would have reached otherwise.

It’s an amazing feeling to know that I have complete support and guidance from people with the same passions that I have. It’s extremely rewarding to be involved with like minded people who are there to lift you up. I wake up every morning excited about what the future holds and the amazing opportunities this business allows me to have. I’m looking forward to having an abundant, healthy future.”


As a successful personal trainer with a thriving business, Aimee Phlegar is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of fitness, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle change.

Aimee began her career in 1997 with a B.S. in Kinesiology. She has worked with a wide range of clientele from professional athletes, post rehab, special needs and individuals to everyday people looking to live healthier lifestyles. She has a passion for educating everyone about the value of exercise and nutrition and the impact it has on your body and life. Her goal is to inspire, motivate and educate.

She is currently furthering her nutrition knowledge and is progressing through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition out of New York to become a Board Certified Health Coach and a Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Aimee now does nutritional and wellness counseling, educational workshops and personal training. Her goal is for everyone to live a passionate, fulfilling life free of pain, disease and all health issues.

She is the Creator/ Founder of Beauty Empowered Wellness focusing on empowering women through fitness, nutrition and education.

Aimee is the mother of 4 wonderful children, the wife of an amazing Army man, and surrogate mother to a cute Westie.

Twitter: @AimeePhlegar

Amanda Clark
Marketing Professional

Success story:

Before I joined team Live Well I was working hard at my desk job, searching for a way to create a life full of health, passion and purpose, but slowly gaining weight instead. After years of working hard and rewarding myself with happy hours and unhealthy food, I realized that I wasn’t doing myself any favors and that I felt better and had more energy to do what I loved when I treated my body better.

I found the Live Well team and began to focus on my health and investing in myself. Joining the Live Well team has helped me shift my focus to making healthy choices that help me feel my best. I lost weight and my skin cleared up, but more importantly I noticed how much better I sleep, my productivity throughout the day has improved and my mood and energy went through the roof!

I love helping others and living an authentic, real life of health. And I am so much happier building a business around what I love!

I am excited to be a part of Live Well. It is incredible to be able to build a flexible business that will help me achieve what I want professionally and personally.”


Amanda is marketing professional with a passion for health and nutrition. She enjoys cooking, learning new healthy recipes and trying new food.

Outside the kitchen she loves to read and practice yoga. Yoga has helped her connect to her body and feel stronger both mentally and physically. Earlier this year she participated in a 30-day yoga challenge (30 classes in 30 day) and is hoping to begin yoga teacher training this fall.

Living in Colorado, Amanda spends time in the mountains hiking, camping and snowboarding. When she isn’t finding new recipes, reading a great book, taking a yoga class or hitting the slopes she enjoys relaxing at home with her fiancé, Henry and their two dogs, Butters and Optimus Prime.

Amy Lademann
Studio Owner + Pilates Instructor

Success Story

As the owners of a busy fitness/athlete-performance facility, partnering with Live Well International gives us the opportunity to offer outstanding products and additional services to our clients. As business owners, Rick and I understand the importance of multiple revenue streams, and the benefits residual income has to offer. When it comes to developing lasting partnerships with amazing entrepreneurs from around the globe, I can’t imagine a greater relationship than the one we have with Live Well International.”


Amy Lademann is a renowned speaker, sought-after movement specialist, PMA certified Pilates Instructor, and holistic nutrition coach. For more than fifteen years, she has specialized in helping people create the body and life they truly want to have. With a background in dance, multiple fitness certifications, and a degree in marketing, Amy knew she wanted to parlay her experiences into her dream career. Coming from a family where health conditions were rampant, she studied nutrition, the mind/body connection, and psychology of movement, so that she could fully understand how to help people create new relationships with their body, and live lives full of vitality, passion, and purpose.

Amy is the co-founder of Beyond Motion, creator of the highly popular cardio ballet-inspired class- barre motion™ and the Beyond Nutrition Lifestyle Program. She created the Beyond Motion™ Group to share her life learning and success secrets with other entrepreneurs passionate about helping others.

Life is a journey. It’s not about being perfect, but it is about being passionate. I love to learn, and am constantly seeking out new ways to not only enhance my own life, but to help others create the life they want to live as well.” – Amy

Since 2009 Beyond Motion™ has been awarded many prestigious awards including Gulfshore Life’s “Best Of” award for fitness studio, personal trainers, and their Pilates program.

Amy, her husband Rick, and their French bulldog Zoe Jane, reside in Naples, FL, and spend as much time as possible on the beach.


Angeline Cowgill

Angeline Cowgill

Success Story:

Before I joined Live Well International, I was struggling to think of how I would build a successful career as a health coach. I was not sure how to get my business started and felt a bit overwhelmed by the process. I knew that I wanted to develop my business and help people, but I wasn’t really sure where to begin.

I am so happy that I discovered Live Well and Carmen Marshall. I realized that what was missing in my efforts to build my business was being part of a successful team. Carmen is inspiring in her efforts to help others reach their goals. She is an amazing mentor and I know that I will be able to build a successful health coaching business as part of Carmen’s team.”


Angeline lives in Plymouth, MA with her two little boys and husband. She made the choice to leave her teaching career in order to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition. She was a Spanish teacher for eleven years working with middle and high school students. Angeline earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Hispanic Studies and a Master’s of Education in Counseling. She worked part time as a Mental Health Counselor while teaching full time. She enjoyed teaching and counseling, but after having her two little boys she wanted to be home more in order to enjoy her family.

Angeline has always been interested in eating well and exercising, and came to the decision to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach. She is also trained to teach Zumba, PiYo, and Turbo Kick. Fitness is an important part of her life, helping her to work out stress and increase her energy. As a mom, Angeline knows how hard it is to lose the weight after pregnancy, and to keep up the energy for work and family. It is difficult to achieve balance and time for self-care. Her goal is to help her clients achieve balance in their lives in order to assist them in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Twitter: @cowgillangeline

Ann Wolter
Nutrition Therapist + Certified Health Coach + Food Lover

Success Story:

I know all too well how it feels to be overweight, overtired, and overwhelmed. I used to carry an extra 65 lbs on my frame and all the mental baggage that went along with it.

Thank goodness Carmen Marshall took the time 6 years ago to listen to me and help me find my way back to balance. That’s why my greatest joy is now being able to do this work with others.

Live Well International has given me the systems, the support, and the kick in the pants my business needed. It’s one thing to be good at helping people improve their health; it’s another thing entirely to make a great living doing it! I’ve learned more about business and marketing in 6 years with Live Well than I learned in 25 years in the corporate world. Carmen has made an entrepreneur out of me, and I love it! Thank you, Live Well, for empowering me with the belief and the tools to create a practice — and a life — that I absolutely love.”


Ann Wolter is passionate about food, wine and health. In fact, her friends and family call her the “Healthy Lush.” That’s because she believes that our bodies respond best to joy, not deprivation — especially when we want to lose weight, heal from illness, or find our way back to a good night’s sleep.

Ann received her training from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, where she was trained in clinical nutrition, food therapy, and lifestyle coaching. Drawing on this knowledge, she loves helping people discover what truly nourishes and sustains them so they can achieve their weight goals, overcome chronic health issues, and fall in love with their body and their life!

Ann also serves as the Member Services Director and Nutrition Advisor for Live Well International, where she enjoys supporting Carmen’s tribe of talented partners to grow their businesses and serve their clients.

She lives in Denver with her husband Kurt and two rambunctious Labrador retrievers, all of whom will eat anything she puts in front of them.


Dr. Bill Bergman
Medical Doctor

Success Story:

As a physician and health educator, I’m always looking for ways to encourage and motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle.

The SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge, with all its support features and comprehensive approach, has exceeded my expectations! Carmen has provided everyone with a platform that makes it simple and practical to plan healthy meals, incorporate an exercise routine, and achieve balance in our lives.

The integration of live calls and an online forum with downloadable documents and video trainings helps to make this the finest program of its kind that I have ever seen. I will be recommending the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge to all my patients and clients!

Thank you, Carmen and Live Well Partners, for a tremendous program!”


Bill Bergman, M.D. is a physician and educator in the fast-growing field of integrative and preventive medicine.

Dr. Bergman is a magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Amherst College and a 1970 graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. A member of the International Fellows Program at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, he has been involved in researching and practicing preventive medicine and reducing the risk of serious disease for more than 40 years.

After decades of family practice in New York City, he moved to Colorado where he has done extensive community health education, consulting for individuals and wellness centers, and currently serves as director of the public non-profit Rocky Mountain Resource Network.

With his growing emphasis on stress management as a key to wellness and health promotion, Dr. Bergman has received 1-on-1 provider licensure by HeartMath, LLP.

He and his wife live in Denver, Colorado. For more information about Dr. Bergman and his health consulting services, visit


Claudia and Mike Hall

Claudia + Mike Hall

Success Story:

Claudia and I both climbed the corporate ladder and had it kicked out from under us with layoffs and furloughs. We were introduced to Live Well International just a few months after we started a laser hair removal business and esthetic salon. We were initially only interested in using the supplements and skin care personally, but when our salon clients saw the positive changes in us, they asked to try the products, too. That was the beginning of our business partnership with Live Well. Since then, the products have been the cornerstone of our esthetics regime for our clients. We’ve helped so many people realize their dream of better health and perfect skin.

From a financial perspective, our Live Well income has helped the salon business survive, enabled us to take trips around the world, remodel much of our home, and spend more time with family and friends. It is refreshing to be sailing the Mediterranean, not working our business for a couple weeks, knowing that our Live Well income continues.

Partnering with Live Well has provided great support and training for our growing team. We have a group of great people, always willing to help with education, motivation, and just friendship.”


Claudia and Mike Hall are passionate about health and the healing power of the foods we eat and the nutrients we take. They are also entrepreneurial business coaches and inspire others to grow and realize their full potential and achieve optimal health and financial freedom.

After chasing the American dream for many years in corporate careers, the Halls started a successful laser hair removal business but soon realized that if they didn’t have a client on the table, they weren’t making money. If they took a week off, that was a week without pay, yet the expenses continued on. Since joining Live Well, though, Claudia and Mike realized an income that isn’t tied directly to their labors and have helped others achieve the same. They’ve also improved their health and helped others turn back the hands of time.

Claudia’s 23 year corporate career focused on managing hundreds of people and inspiring them to provide exceptional customer service. Mike has consulted with dozens of corporations to help them to improve their operations and improve product quality. One of Mike’s best managed clients is also his nutritional product supplier. Mike has been a sought after speaker for his knowledge of the inside workings of the supplement industry.

The Halls live in Broomfield, Colorado and love skiing, hiking, fitness, sailing, and traveling the world. They have five children and a brand new grandson.

Twitter: @mikeha77

Claudia Rollersbroich Live Well International

Claudia Rollersbroich
Health Coach, Relaxation Trainer + Group Fitness Instructor

Success Story:

Being a health coach, relaxation trainer, group-fitness instructor as well as musician, I have a solid foundation for my big dream to jump into the wellness area full time, spreading “the life is wonderful” message by good example, yet, hesitating to make it reality.

After ups and downs in health status I needed a kick-start to get in balance again – that was the moment when from different angles the message reached me “go for the Live Well approach.”

Following the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge, I quickly realized how the Live Well approach wonderfully integrates with my BalanceYrLife business and vision to go for “Quality and fulfillment of life in all areas”.

The Live Well approach to health and business revealed to be for me the missing puzzle piece to make my future business plans round and sound and empowers me to go for the life I love.

Not only did I achieve my personal well-feeling weight, I now also confidently can say that I never have to worry again about it and this after centuries of struggling.

In my BalanceYrLife business, I am a pioneer in quite some areas in Belgium, which requires additional effort to get it flowering. With the support I experience through the Live Well team all over the world, this changed to an exiting, fun adventure that is easily flowing.

The view on wealth, networking & team beyond money and marketing (1+1=3) make me feel “there are more outside there who are thinking my way” which is so empowering.

It is clear now: Full time doing what I like and have enough money to live up to my standards and dreams ☺, contribute to make the world a better place for all, maintain the feeling of “go with the flow” and continue to explore the wonderful world of sound, vibration, energy and rhythm as part of the big Live Well family. Thanks to all of you!!”


My interest in mathematics and science made me studying computer science with the focus on theoretical medicine where I proudly achieved a master degree in 1987. A journey through the information system world followed and raised my maturity level when working in international, technically, mainly male oriented environments with my special “baby” – CIS Asset Management.

Although it was – and is – a very exiting time, I felt there is more, which I can contribute to, and there are other talents in me, which ask for attention.

This made me choosing for an education program on the wellness subject for several years, achieving a collection of certificates and with the final result of starting my own business “BalanceYrLife” as secondary occupation in the year when I turned 50.

Another learning curve started and I realized how different the satisfaction is that I gain from each of my two jobs. This journey I named my PPP (Pension Preparation Plan), which gives me so much energy to keep moving. The Live Well partnership I consider as a milestone on my process through life, perfectly fitting to my approach:

“With enthusiasm and the talent to motivate => serve as an inspiration for others – through characteristics like sunshine and whirlwind => stimulate to be exited practicing self-management – through lateral thinking, spanning bridges and “think beyond boundaries” => generate innovative ideas and develop them.”


Debbie Stevenson

Debbie Stevenson
Holistic Nutrition + Wellness Coach

Success Story:

Before joining Live Well International, I was looking for a way to earn income that would coincide with my deepest values and goals: to improve my health and sustain it for many years to come; to help others improve their health and lives; to create the flexibility needed to enjoy and spend time with my family; and to achieve a level of financial freedom where I could give back to my community and to those less fortunate.

I was also looking for a healthy lifestyle program to help me curb my sugar cravings and lose those last 10-15 pounds (which I’ve lost numerous times) and keep them off, and also one that would give me the energy to keep up with my 3 year old son at the age of 48 (surprise!). I experienced all of this with the SexyFit Nutrition program and lost 13 pounds.

Partnering with Live Well has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me. It’s gratifying to know I can offer Live Well’s life-changing programs to many who thought they didn’t have the power to improve their health. The online option makes the number of people’s lives I can touch limitless. I love that! It also allows me the freedom and flexibility to educate and be of service to others as a nutrition and wellness coach, while living a healthy and balanced life with my family. Thank you Carmen!”


Debbie Stevenson is a certified holistic nutrition and wellness coach, entrepreneur, triathlete and tennis maven who teaches and inspires those who want to learn how to achieve greater health and wealth by living a balanced lifestyle.

After working a high-stress, high-tech corporate job in computer programming for many years, Debbie quit to spend more time with her family. It was then she realized how much the stress was affecting her health, and that true health and wellness was much more than yo-yo dieting and a number on the scale. She became a certified health coach in order to live a life of health, passion, and purpose, and to teach others how they can have that same lifestyle. She now presents workshops at her local fitness club and a nearby cooking school, and shares recipes, health tips, and advice on her blog.

Debbie was recently interviewed by a Denver television station as a health and wellness expert highlighting her blog Take Back Your Health and her new, complete circle of health program, MAX360. Debbie is a tennis addict, a health “nut,” and lover of animals, the outdoors, and travelling. She currently lives in Littleton, Colorado with her husband, two children, their wonderful black lab, and 7 colorful tropical fish.

Twitter: @TakeBackHealth

Denise Seery Live Well International

Denise Seery
Aspiring Health & Wellness Instructor

Success Story:

Being introduced to LiveWell was an answer to prayer. As I was searching for ways to improve my own health, I found a network of people who are helping me to build a new professional career as well. I am so glad I took this leap of faith!”


Denise is a business professional who, in 2013, saw a year of noteworthy transformation. She had a successful, 23-year career in the environmental consulting/regulatory training field, but reached a point where she no longer felt truly passionate about her work. She was fortunate enough to scale back her hours to limited part-time. Her goal was to de-stress and start taking better care of her health—including losing weight, learning to cook more healthy foods, and adding more physical exercise—all the while, seeking another career path. During her search she was introduced to a member of the LiveWell team. Little did she know that this introduction would not only lead her to the education and support to achieve her own wellness goals, but also to a discovery that she could build a business in the health and wellness arena.

As Denise works to find the right way to use her training talents to help others achieve their health and wellness goals, Carmen Marshall and her beautiful Tribe at LiveWell are providing her with the right tools, training, and support as she moves forward in a healthy and joyful manner.

When she isn’t building her business, spending time with family and friends, traveling outside of Colorado, or volunteering, she enjoys relaxing at home with her two cats, Gus and Joey.

Heather Mitchell
Yoga + Pilates Instructor

Success Story:

Heather’s motto: Life is too short to wonder ‘what if?’”


Heather is a certified and experienced Yoga and Pilates instructor who teaches a Vinyasa style class. She inspires her students to have fun by leading a creative and upbeat flow that strengthens the mind, body and soul. Born and raised in Southern California, Heather’s childhood was influenced by fitness and proper nutrition with a love for the beach, hiking, and yoga.

Heather started her career as an Executive working for a global Advertising Agency on the Lincoln Mercury and Mattel accounts. After spending several years dedicating her energy and time working for someone else, she realized her life wasn’t fulfilled by climbing the corporate ladder – instead, she wanted to pave her own road while empowering others along the way, living passionately with a purpose and learning new things.

Heather has always had a true creativity and passion for optimal health. She is living her dream of running her own business, setting her schedule and creating financial freedom. The best part is she gets to enjoy the daily milestones of her son’s life. In 2012, Heather created Fit and Vibrant, a website devoted to health and fitness. She hopes to engage mothers, adults and children to live a life of wealth, health, passion and purpose.

Twitter: @hthrmitchell

Jamie Bagley
SexyFit Coach + Nutritional Counselor

Success story:

The best part of joining Live Well International so far has to do with my mom. When I first started coaching my mom, we were dealing closely with her Metabolic Disease (pre-diabetes), and her Hashimoto’s Disease. Hashimoto’s Disease is an auto-immune disease where the body sees the thyroid as a foreign body, and therefore starts to attack it. 8 months after putting my mom on a carefully planned supplement regimen, low-glycemic and gluten free diet and exercise plan, we reversed BOTH her Metabolic Disease and her Hashimoto’s Disease. I couldn’t have gotten any better encouragement as a sign that my desire to help others live a better life was leading me in the right direction.

Besides being able to help my mom to such an amazing extent, one of my favorite parts of working on the Live Well team is the opportunity to be my own boss. I love working from home and having myself as the ONLY boss I need to report to at the end of the day! I realized I was tired of “trading hours for dollars”, and was ready to move in a direction where I could work hard to earn an amazing living for myself, instead of working hard to earn someone else an amazing living. My favorite quote regarding my career lifestyle is: I’d rather work 24 hours a day for myself, than 1 hour a day for someone else.”


Jamie is a SexyFit coach, nutritional counselor and professional spray-tan technician. She promotes a healthy living lifestyle both on the inside and the outside. After working in a Dermatology office for several years, she really came to have a good understanding of what optimal nutrition does to people’s health. She realized there’s a lot of things that can be done to promote healthy and vibrant skin on the surface, but what makes the biggest difference is what goes on with the inside.

Taking the knowledge she gained from the wonderful doctors she mentored under, she moved on to pursue a passion of teaching people a better way of living healthy. She teaches on the subjects of nutrition, vitamins, low-glycemic eating, weight loss, energy promotion, proper skin care and anti-aging, holistic remedies and boosted immunity. She also travels around her state practicing her smart, sexy, and safe way of spray-tanning.

Jamie also enjoys teaching and mentoring others on creating a happy and successful career by becoming a health expert. She loves helping her team give seminars, practice health coaching and most importantly, continuing education and personal development. She loves being a leader to her team, and can’t wait to see where this journey will take her.

Jamie is passionate about reading, crafting, photography, cooking, working out, teaching, reading blogs, antiquing, shoes and Pugs. She lives in Lakewood, Colorado.

Jennifer Miklosi Create A Life You Love

Jennifer Miklosi
Wellness + Lifestyle Curator, Philanthropic Strategist

Success Story:

Live Well has been my MBA, and has provided the luxury of community as I set out on the journey called entrepreneurship. It has re-defined the scope of living well and been a catalyst for stepping into all kinds of new experiences.”


Jennifer has always had an entrepreneurial spark and enjoyed helping others cultivate beauty and creativity in their lives. After a traditional career in museums, galleries and teaching art history, she discovered her passion for curating health as well as art. That led her to NY’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she earned her certification as a holistic health coach. Jennifer’s partnership with Live Well has allowed her to build a successful coaching practice that offers clients equal parts education, motivation & accountability on their journey to a healthy, happy, well-lived life.

Thanks to her coaching income, Jennifer enjoys the flexibility to continue working in the arts and nonprofit worlds. You’ll find her continually crafting events, excursions and one of a kind experiences for her clients and friends.

Twitter: @JenniferMiklosi

Jocelyn Black
Health Coach + Writer

Success Story:

Before joining Live Well International, I was struggling to figure out how I would make ends meet as a health coach. I counseled others about the importance of life balance, but I wasn’t walking the talk! Working in a bar most nights to pay the bills, and living on 1-4 hours of sleep, I knew I had to take control of my financial and business destiny NOW.

Choosing to work with Live Well is the easiest and best career decision I’ve ever made. After getting to know founder Carmen Marshall through a “Life Coaching for the Self-Employed” teleclass sponsored by the Handel Group, I remembered an age-old saying: “Only take advice from those who have what you want.” I knew in that moment that I had to align myself and my clients with Live Well.

Live Well’s health and wellness programs are the most effective (and fun) I’ve ever experienced; the products that Live Well recommends and uses in its programs are of the very highest quality. With Live Well, I’m changing lives, and I know that I am on the right path to making my dream life and career a reality.”


Jocelyn Black is a certified health coach who teaches and inspires women to make healthy choices, lose weight, feel great, reduce stress and create abundance in their lives.

After burning out and falling ill from her stress-filled job in advertising, Jocelyn was ripe for change in her life. She made her health a top priority. She decided to seek out a career that truly reflected her personal values. And as she regained her own wellbeing and purpose, Jocelyn discovered that what she loved most was helping others do the same!

As the founder of A Holistic Affair and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Jocelyn now counsels people on managing stress, turning dreams into action, and creating lives of health, passion and purpose.

She is also a contributing writer for several leading wellness websites. Some of her writing has been featured on

Jocelyn enjoys reading, philosophy, yoga and meditation, being in nature and taking her dog for long walks. She is also an avid game player and has been known to spend days on end playing the same card or board game. She’s constantly trying something new, so on any given day, she’s taken up a new sport or class. Jocelyn currently lives in Toronto, ON, Canada with her little rescue poodle, Pierre.

Twitter: @joceyblack

Joke Aerts Create a life you love

Joke Aerts
Certified Teacher/Body Worker + Health Coach

Success Story

Before I joined Live Well International, I worked in my own practice and gave some lessons, but I was struggling with the feeling, “I can do more than this!” I wanted to reach more people and help them improve their health, but didn’t know how.

Now that I am a Live Well Partner and a Coach for the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge, I have the greatest tools in my hands to reach and help more people! What I love best is that Live Well gives me the opportunity to use these tools – and build this business – in my own way.

In addition to offering the SexyFit online nutrition program to my clients, I love giving Wellness & Spa seminars so I can personally teach both adults and teenagers how to enhance their health and their lives, feel happier, and look radiant!

I love doing this and I live the life I teach! Everybody has the right to learn what I have learned and to feel this way!

I began working as a Live Well Partner in April 2013 and, within weeks, I had a group of very enthusiastic customers. I’m so happy when they reach their goals! Thank you,Carmen, for letting me be a part of this beautifull Live Well Team in Belgium.

My life has changed in so many beautiful ways.”


Joke Aerts is a certified body worker and health coach. She teaches ABeME (breathing, moving & meditation), Qi Gong, and gives treatments for the body, mind & soul (shiatsu, reconnective healing, The Reconnection, seaweed wraps and facials with natural cosmetics.)

Joke considers herself a lifelong student of health & wellness. She studies everything she can that might be helpful in living a long, happy, fit and healthy life, and she knows that the best way to learn something is to teach it! She believes profoundly that every single person in the world has the right to LIVE WELL, and it is her mission to help others achieve that goal.

Before becoming a bodyworker, health coach and Live Well Partner, Joke worked as a shopmanager in the Gant-Store (clothing for men).

Twitter: @JokeInfo

Josie Bouchier

Josie Bouchier
Licensed Acupuncturist, Health & Wealth Coach

Success Story

Before partnering with Live Well International, my husband, Javram, and I worked for ourselves, but we felt like our businesses owned us! Besides not making enough money, we were only getting paid hourly for direct services. This meant we couldn’t take any time away from our businesses if we still wanted money to come in the door.

We started studying different business models and searching for a lifestyle business that allowed us to live healthier, happier lives while still making plenty of money and allowing us to take some much needed time off. Then we met Carmen! Her radiant health, joy of life, and business savvy stole our hearts and we instantly knew we were in good hands.

Now, we have a successful health and mentoring business that allowed us to take off 8 months, collectively, last year to have our beautiful, healthy, baby girl.

Every day we count our blessings to have found Carmen and Live Well International. We feel fulfilled in the work we are doing in the world, and we are especially lucky to be able to spend so much time together as a family without having to worry about our expenses.”


Josie Bouchier L.Ac. is a health and wealth coach. She empowers women to create true health, wealth and happiness in their lives through her acupuncture practice, her online nutrition program, and her business mentoring program.

She is the founder of Immortal Palace and creator of The Only Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, infant daughter, two dogs and cat.

Josie enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, writing, dancing, and photography. Her not-so-secret obsession is fashion, and most recently, baby clothes!

Twitter: @josiebouchier

Judi Resor
Boutique Real Estate Co. Owner

Success Story

Partnering with Live Well International has been the turning point for me with access to the perfect business model from where I am able to share and empower people to achieve greater health and financial freedom.
I am excited everyday by the possibilities that are before me.

The ongoing support from this amazing community of wellness professionals has empowered me to become the person I always wanted to be.

Love what you do, know that it matters, what could be better?!”


Judi Resor is an entrepreneur, wellness and business coach, who teaches and inspires people to be healthy and happy regardless of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. She loves to share her passion for a healthy, vibrant lifestyle with others so that they too can enjoy life’s pleasures.

After being CEO of her hugely successful boutique Real Estate Company for some 8 years, Judi was at the point where her health and general zest for life were always on the back burner as she was building and maintaining her business. She seized the opportunity to move from that industry to concentrate completely on creating a life full of health, passion and purpose.

Judi is the creator of the Australian SexyFit Low GI Challenge and enjoys helping people to realize that proper health and nutrition is possible, even with the pace of today’s hectic lifestyle. She also loves showing people how they can create true wealth in their lives to reduce financial stress in these tough economic times.

Judi likes to relax to the sound of the ocean on her morning walks and she enjoys tap dancing, musical theatre, Pilates, and gets a great cardio workout playing squash. Judi lives at Coral Cove on the beautiful Queensland coastline with her husband John, daughter Callista, mischievous Beagle Pepper-Ann and beautiful Australian Mist cat – Dee’de


Judy Cantalamessa
Pilates Instructor + Water Fitness Business Owner

Success Story:

A friend of mine convinced me to look into Live Well International and seriously consider all the possibilities it offered as an already business owner. I knew I wasn’t making the income that I wanted to enjoy golf, tennis and traveling with my husband on a regular basis, so I decided to take a closer look at the opportunity presented to me. I am grateful that someone took the time and cared enough to show me that I can achieve the dreams of financial freedom but most of all how to continue a healthy lifestyle that is not taken for granted.”


Judy started a career over 30 years ago as a dancer and children’s ballet instructor. That career evolved into Rehabilitation and Fitness after she developed breast cancer at an early age. She met a mentor in Princeton, NJ who certified her in counseling and rehabilitation in the water for young women who had mastectomies.

While raising her 3 boys, she worked in the corporate world as VP of Marketing for a start up Health Foods Company which she helped build into a million dollar business. Weary of all the traveling that was involved, especially being away from her family, and driven by her own deep passion for health and fitness, Judy became a certified Pilates Instructor and founded her own Water Fitness business to educate as many people as possible on improving their focus and their lifestyle.

To compliment her own fitness business, she joined Live Well International as a certified Fitness & Wellness Coach which has enabled her to help clients all over the world achieve the health, wellness and freedom to a better life.


Karen Daciek-Apple

Karen Daciek-Apple
Communications/Project Coordinator
Yoga and Water Fitness Instructor
Health and Wellness Coach

Success Story:

I’ve always been in love with sports! After getting married and having my two beautiful children, I fell away from sports for awhile. Of course this caused me to gain weight and feel lethargic, and I wasn’t always reaching for healthy food either. Things took a turn for the best when my sister introduced me to Live Well! I immediately saw the benefits — Live Well’s natural, holistic and cellular approach to great nutrition kicked started the new me! My face cleared up, my weight came off – 40lbs; it has stayed off and my energy is fabulous!

My personal success was so exciting that I joined Live Well so I could help others to do the same. My love and skills for helping others in my professional life as a surgical nurse technician and director of the MS Society were quickly transferred into the health and wellness arena. I love motivating and teaching my clients how they can change their life by taking charge of their health now, so that they will live a long and energized life! Even more exciting is when clients experience the same great changes and want to learn how they can start sharing Live Well with their friends and family!”


Karen Apple is a certified fitness and health and wellness coach who loves inspiring others to reach and surpass their health and fitness goals. She shares her passion for sports and nutrition by sharing, teaching and training others so they too can live the best, healthiest life ever, and every day!

Her professional life in the medical and non-profit sector allowed her to make a positive difference in people’s lives. During that time she realized that helping others could also include helping them with their health, after she experienced a bout of excessive weight gain and some medical conditions due to stress. She began integrating Live Well products into her daily regime and was able to get healthy inside and out. After her success she knew she wanted to share the same with others, and obtained certifications in fitness, nutrition and leadership.

Karen enjoys writing her blog, magazine articles, and funny stories about her lab Cy, teaching yoga, competing in tennis, swimming laps (I am up to 40 now!) and telling corny jokes. She loves spending time with her two grown children, cooking together, hiking, cycling and playing tennis.

Twitter: @kdaciek

Kate Dykema McElvaine
Women’s Health Specialist

Success Story:

Twenty five years ago, I launched a private practice to pursue my passion for helping women with their health care before, during and after pregnancy. I’ve delivered over 2,000 babies in in that time, gained a wealth of experience in healthcare, and built many wonderful relationships.

Several years ago, however, the demands of this hectic lifestyle threw my life out of balance. Changes in the health care system were making it tougher for me to deliver quality care and sustain an acceptable income. So, I worked harder. I wanted to spend more time with my growing daughters, but couldn’t. I wanted to eat better and exercise regularly, but didn’t. I really wanted to get a good night’s sleep. At the same time, my clients were asking me what they needed to do to feel better, lose weight, and live a more balanced life. I realized I needed to answer these questions for myself before I could guide anyone else.

My life changed forever in a dance class. I took the class to improve my balance; I never expected it would transform my health and my livelihood. My teacher, Carmen, took an interest in me and my goals, and she asked me two important questions: Are you happy in your health and your work? Are you making your dreams come true? My answer to both of those questions was, sadly, NO. That was my wakeup call. I opened myself up to a whole new way of approaching health and business. I learned that true health is a prerequisite to total prosperity, and I discovered that by working smarter, not harder, it is possible to deliver topnotch care while earning a solid income.

Teaming up with Carmen Marshall and Live Well International has been the most rewarding experience of my lifetime. I now offer people health and wellness programs that work. I’m able to provide others with the opportunity for success and work right alongside them. And I’ve created optimal health for my family and unlimited prosperity for their future. I know in my heart that these things are attainable for you, too.”


Kate Dykema McElvaine BSN, RN, MSN, CNM, specializes in Wellness and Prosperity Coaching. She believes that when you fall in love with being healthy, happiness and success will soon follow.

After running her own health care practice for 25 years, Kate saw an opportunity to make an even greater difference in her clients lives if she focused on optimal wellness. She also realized that she needed to nourish and reset her own physical and emotional health. Her quest to feel vibrantly healthy so she could enjoy life to its fullest led her to discover Live Well International. The Live Well educational and coaching programs are motivating and practical. The coaching trainings are brilliant. Her clients are thrilled with the extra attention of focusing on their goals. Kate is now able to implement new programs into her practice that help create extraordinary successes for her clients and their families.

Whether it be improved energy, significant weight loss, or preparation for an elite athlete, Kate offers a personalized, motivational and practical approach to creating Optimal Wellness.

Kate brings her wonderful vitality and enthusiasm to each new challenge and continually asks this question of herself and others: How can I live the most spirited and vibrant life possible? Kate thrives in guiding people on this fulfilling journey.

Kate’s three ambitious daughters always keep her laughing. She is an entrepreneur, dancer, inline skater, lover of the outdoors, reader, and enjoys adventure and meeting new people.


Kathleen Zwakhoven
Certified Teacher/Body Worker + Health Coach

Success Story:

When I met Carmen Marshall and was introduced to Live Well International, I was still struggling with “ease.” I had created a wonderful and fulfilling job, and I loved my life for the most part, but a part of me still struggled with taking care of my physical wellbeing. I knew how to eat and exercise, but these were still the hardest pieces for me to balance. I kept swinging from eating healthily and exercising for a while to periods of lying on the couch, eating potato chips and watching movies on TV. Of course, I felt guilty and unhappy every time I lapsed into my unhealthy behavior.

Working with Carmen and Live Well helped me understanding my cravings, energy swings, and what I was missing both physically and emotionally. Thanks to the Live Well program, I now understand how to authentically balance my life and to help others do it, too.

As an herbalist, I’ve always understood the importance of well-balanced nutritionals to supplement a healthy diet. Before I met Carmen, I had spent over a year searching for a company with effective wellness systems, business training, and scientific and holistic knowledge. I dreamed of finding a partner that also offered top of the line nutritional supplements, teamwork, heart and integrity. I found all that and MORE in Live Well!

I feel happier in every part of my life now, as a wife, mother, therapist, coach and friend. I am now part of a “dream team.” Live Well is the tribe I have been looking for – a team of professionals that support each other and share their knowledge to create a better world.

Partnering with Live Well has been great for my personal life, but also my BUSINESS life – and what can be better than optimal health in both areas?”


Kathleen Zwakhoven is a professional 4Dimensional bodyworker and a Life Coach. She has a degree in Communication Sciences, is a certified Herbalist and teacher in several Eastern and Western bodywork disciplines. She has her own practice and training center in Belgium.

Kathleen uses a holistic approach in both her coaching and bodywork sessions. She loves to help her clients find answers to the deeper questions: Who are you behind your ‘problem’? How can you stop sabotaging your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? How do you nourish yourself, with food, thought patterns, emotions, beliefs? Kathleen believes that every body CAN be healthy, happy, vibrant and successful. YOU are not an exception.
“Once you find the place in your body, the ‘why and ‘where’ you left your self behind, I know we can get you back on track to self-healing and self-caring. Whether your initial question was a spiritual one or about weight-loss, your shoulder pain, your cravings, your money or your relationships… every question or problem is merely a key to unlock your deeper purpose in life, your key to LIVE WELL.”


Kellie Smith

Kellie Smith
Biofeedback Specialist
Health & Wellness Coach

Success Story:

As I worked with more and more clients in my biofeedback practice, it became clear to me that most of them were deficient in essential vitamin and minerals. At first I recommended they purchase supplements at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage. It didn’t take long to see that those supplements did little for people.

I found Live Well and our wonderful product partner in 2004 and incorporated them both into my business. Together, they offered me the ideal combination of lifestyle education and nutritional products to meet my clients’ (and my family’s) needs. As everyone’s health improved, so did my income! In fact, within 3 months of promoting the SexyFit Nutrition program, my income tripled.

By this time next year I expect my Live Well income to be greater than all other aspects of my business combined. I am so excited about where I am going with Live Well — the training, inspiration and programs are invaluable. “


Kellie Smith is the owner and founder of Balanced Living LLC, as well as a board certified Biofeedback Specialist, and a health and wellness coach.

She discovered the power of Quantum Biofeedback and Nutritional Supplementation when seeking solutions to the serious health challenges her own children were facing. Within months they created the shift towards wellness that had eluded a myriad of medical specialists for more than two years. After experiencing first-hand these incredible modalities, she decided to incorporate them into her own practice.

Kellie has worked in the health & wellness industry for over a decade helping people with a variety of physical, mental and emotional issues. She is dedicated to individual empowerment, wellness, and transformation. She teaches and supports her clients to reach their personal, health, and other life goals. Her clients come to recognize that they can change their experience, take charge of their lives, improve their health, and maximize their potential. And as they do, they find balance.


Kevin Maynard
Certified Personal Training + Teacher

Success Story:

Before joining Live Well International, I was searching for a way out of my day job as an ESL teacher in South Korea and into my dream life as a health and wellness expert. Meeting Carmen and learning about the high quality health programs and products provided by Live Well International made me realize, this is it!

Since joining Live Well, I feel like I’ve enrolled in a real life business school. I get to work with and learn from entrepreneurs who have the life and kind of business I want. Surrounding myself with such motivated and caring people who love what they do is a professional dream come true!”


Kevin Maynard is a certified personal trainer, entrepreneur and teacher who works with people to lose weight, build a strong and sexy body, and create a sustainable, energetic lifestyle. He believes that life is about pursuing our passions and enjoying the ride.After leaving a corporate job he didn’t love, Kevin moved to Asia to teach, train and travel. During his first 18 months living abroad, he lost 40 lbs and established a new way of thinking about weight loss. He now uses his university education in Kinesiology along with the experience of transforming his own body to help his clients create a body and lifestyle that they love.

He is the creator of Daegu Fitness and writes for Daegu Compass Magazine. He’s also the co-creator of High Vibes.

In addition to writing and working with his clients, Kevin enjoys globetrotting, eating local cuisine, tattoo art, and trail running. He is always learning and is currently working toward becoming a strength and conditioning coach with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He currently lives in South Korea with his girlfriend.


Kimberly D Munoz, RN
Nurse + Pilates Instructor

Success Story:

My Nutritional Program, Nola Wellness and Health Living has helped to round out my already thriving Pilates Health and Fitness studio here in New Orleans. Not to mention the additional business that has been formed from having and online option. Now the lives I can touch is limitless and I love that!”


Kim Munoz is a Registered Nurse, Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor and a Health Coach. She owns two Pilates Studios, Nola Pilates and a Barre Studio Xtend Barre New Orleans in the Greater New Orleans area. Kim is also the creator and founder of Nola Wellness and Healthy Living.

In 2005 following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Kim decided that life was too short and left her corporate position as a Director of Business Development and Contracting for a Hospital Corporation. She was on a mission to create a life that was not only fulfilling for her personally and professionally but to also spend more quality time with her family.

She currently runs two successful studios, offers a Post Op Breast Cancer recovery program to keep her hands in the healthcare side of her passion and most recently has added in the last piece to complete her circle of Health and Wellness with Nola Wellness and Healthy Living where she is able to coach and mentor clients on their path to fitness and wellness.

Kim currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband Jamie, her sons Tyler, Maxwell and Jordan and her English Bulldogs Bogie and Sugah.


Laura Rheaume
Nutritionist in Training / Yoga + Dance Instructor


Success Story:

I discovered Live Well International and Carmen through The Handel Group and immediately knew I had found my “home.” Live Well helped me put all the pieces together — my passion for health, freedom, and personal transformation, my business background, and my vision of my ideal lifestyle — to create a career and a life I absolutely love. I am so grateful to be surrounded by a team of supportive, soulful people who encourage me to raise the bar and focus on kicking ass in my career.

Today, I treat my body and design my life with absolute love, kindness and respect. I feel deeply empowered, at peace and most of all alive to achieve abundance doing what I love – helping others live life like they mean it. My life is juicy and my future is blindingly bright!”


Laura Rheaume’s natural enthusiasm and joie de vivre are made for health & lifestyle coaching. Her lively and inspiring spirit is balanced by her action-oriented and down-to-earth approach. Her mission is to empower others to create a life they absolutely adore, with purpose and zero compromise in their beliefs, bliss, health or money.

As a fierce believer in authoring your own life, Laura quit her corporate career to see more of the world and reclaim her health. Her love of wellness shows up in all areas of her life, not only in her passion for coaching others, but also in her zeal for yoga, fitness and holistic nutrition. Always an action taker and forever a foodie, she recently became a Zumba instructor and is currently working toward becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Her next trip is to Bali to complete her Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

Laura currently lives in South Korea where she builds her business and coaching practice with her boyfriend, Kevin.

Twitter: @Laura_Rheaume

Linda Fenelon
Certified Health Coach + RYT200 Yoga instructor


Success Story:

I have been in love with all things Health and Nutrition as long as I can remember. For most of my youth and school career my path was towards Doctor, but what I discovered after working in hospitals and treatment centers was that there was no Health and no Nutrition. I was tired and drained and surrounded by illness.

After all of my children were in school full time I switched lanes to become a yoga teacher and Holistic Health Coach which helped me find my Happy Place, but I knew I still needed to create residual income to live the life I love – a life that includes time with my family and the freedom to travel and experience this amazing world.

Joining Carmen and Livewell has brought me full circle – I now help others achieve the highest version of Health and Wellness while creating abundance. There truly is no limit to Creating the Life You Love.”


Linda is a Certified Health Coach, and RYT200 Yoga instructor and creator of the HaloSculpt program that combines yoga with weight resistance. She is a Mentor with Africa Yoga Project, a contributor to Elephant Journal and an instructor with a Yoga Alliance School teaching Yoga teachers to be teachers.

Married to her best friend for 25 years they are raising five crazy great children who make it all worthwhile and sere as a daily reminder to Life the Life You Love.

MaryKay Ritchen
Certified Personal Trainer

Success Story:

I had an “aha!” moment the other day, one that could not have happened without learning so many life lessons through Live Well: I desire to surround myself with positive, motivated people who love life and want to live it—and who freely offer the gifts they’ve been given with those who aspire for the same.

Being associated with Live Well and the top notch companies that bolster our business has made me better at almost everything! My clients get more from me as a trainer, and my family benefits, too, when Mom stays positive! What have I learned? To be a better listener, to have goals, to push myself now and then, to surround myself with people I admire, to be grateful, and to open my eyes to all the blessings I’ve been given. There are many avenues a person could choose for any one of the benefits I’ve listed, but it’s rare to find a source that provides improved relationships, health and wealth—all 3!


MK Ritchen is a certified personal trainer who has been blessed with opportunities to work with clients whose needs vary greatly, from athletic to pre and post injury, to the obese, and those in-between. Her experience as a physical education teacher and as co-owner of her husband’s physical therapy clinic have provided perspective that make her career as a trainer effective but also fulfilling and fun.

By combining her work experiences with her growing knowledge of wellness and nutrition, MK feels she is better at helping people approach their health goals more comprehensively, and as a life plan, not simply a training plan! The best part, she can share her business model with others to use as their own, potentially enhancing even their financial health.

MK believes that healthy people are aware of physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational components, so health is a lifelong path, and can be a joy to pursue and experience.

MK lives in Colorado with her husband and 2 Greyhounds, and spends lots of time trying to keep track of their 3 grown children. She loves to be outdoors doing almost anything, and is thrilled to know that dark chocolate and red wine are good choices for indulgences.

Melinda Hall
Nurse + Group Fitness Instructor

Success Story:

Partnering with Live Well International was one of the best decisions I have made! As a group fitness instructor and a certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist it was important for me to be able to help people truly live a healthy lifestyle with BALANCE. I truly love being involved with wellness professionals and like-minded individuals. The tools and training are endless. The support is amazing and the team is so anxious to help others become a success!”- Melinda Hall, CNA, Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist”


Melinda Hall is an Entrepreneur, Nurse, Health Coach and Certified Group Fitness Instructor who teaches and inspires anyone interested in living a life full of health, vitality and purpose.

After years of hard work in the mortgage and real estate business, she made a change to create a life full of health, passion and purpose. She now helps others do the same by coaching them to make small changes in order to reach their health and wellness goals along with life’s purpose.

She enjoys teaching spinning and water fitness and loves motivating and educating clients, friends, and family on the benefits of exercise, supplementation and nutrition. She also loves traveling, tennis, hiking, golf, walking her dogs and spending time with family and friends.

Melinda Hall currently lives in Parker, Colorado with her husband, daughter and 2 dogs.

Twitter: @hallmel

Michelle Scott
Body-Mind-Spirit Lifestyle Coach

Success Story:

Before joining Live Well International, I was looking for a way to earn income that would align with my deepest values: to improve others’ health and lives; to enable myself and others to have the freedom to pursue our passions and life purpose; and to create the flexibility I needed to enjoy and spend time with my family.

As if it were meant to be, I found and participated in the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge. I was looking for a program to curb my sugar cravings and lose weight, and that is what I experienced. The Challenge resonated deeply because it worked for me, but also because Carmen included each aspect of Body, Mind and Spirit.

After completing the Challenge, I made the easy decision to become a SexyFit Coach. As I got organized, trained and plugged into the personal development side of Live Well, I soon realized that Live Well and the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge were much, much more than just a healthy eating program. Carmen Marshall and Live Well were the answer to things I deeply desired in my life (and a few thing I didn’t even realize I desired!)

With Live Well, I was blessed to find an income solution with a high quality company, powerful systems that have allowed me to act quickly, and a strong and supportive team. Today, I am extremely grateful to be a part of this tribe of energetic and compassionate entrepreneurs. My partnership with Live Well allows me the freedom and flexibility to be of even greater service to others as a life coach, while living the healthy and balanced life of my dreams.”


Act One for Michelle began in the corporate world. After earning her Bachelor and Master of Science in Accounting, Michelle enjoyed a busy career at Arthur Andersen, LLP, where she gained experience and discipline serving a wide array of corporate clients.

Act Two was motherhood. Michelle retired from her career-focused life and learned what “busy” really meant as a stay-at-home mother of two and active community volunteer.

Act Three began with a wake up call from her body. In 2009, Michelle was diagnosed with a chronic thyroid condition: Grave’s Disease (or hyperthyroidism). She endured heart palpitations, arrhythmia, anxiety, and hair loss more more than a year before finding the right treatment (and remission) through a combination of western and eastern healing modalities.

It was this journey that led Michelle to make big changes in her life. She slowed down and dropped all activities that weren’t in alignment with her heart. She asked herself, “What am I missing,” and “What would life look like if I were pursuing my heart’s desires?” With new-found time to explore the answers to these questions, she found the answers — peace inside herself, purpose and meaning in life, true heart-felt assistance to others, more calm and love for her husband and children. It all added up to a desire for a balanced and healthy life.

With this new direction in mind, Michelle enrolled and recently completed the first year of her Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology. She also discovered Live Well International and the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge, and hasn’t looked back since! As a proud SexyFit Coach and believer in the resilience of the human body and spirit, Michelle loves helping others find their own life’s joy, aliveness and health!

Michelle lives in Englewood, Colorado with her husband, two children and one fuzzy four-legged friend.

Paige Burton
Lifestyle Coach

Success Story:

Partnering with LiveWell made my dream to thrive while creating a life I love a reality. This was not an opportunity I could manage on my own. I thrive with high-energy creators and enjoy implementing expertise as I continue to change and grow. I’m grateful to have a way to live this vision with integrity and a tribe of empowered masterminds.” -Paige Burton, Lifestyle Coach, Entrepreneur, Founder of Vibes Matter


Paige Burton is a spirited lifestyle dynamo and socially conscious entrepreneur who grounds and motivates individuals to thrive with what matters most to them.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Economics Managements from Ohio Wesleyan University and her Master of Arts in Film and Television Production from Loyola Marymount University. After holding various positions at magazine, radio, television, and film companies, Paige answered the inner call to be an “entrepreneur”. Craving self-sufficiency and following a deep inner desire to share her authentic talents with the world, she quickly launched her own business.

Her leadership and storytelling expertise combined with her Professional Life Coaching Certification helped launch Vibes Matter, an international life coaching and production company. Here men and women from all over the world back up their talk with creative business strategy, personality and unconventional money-making channels.

Among her favored and irresistibly fun self-discovery and personal success tools are The Vibe Guide, a user-manual to help understand and recreate the “movies of our mind” and Paigisms, goofy words and witty ways to shift low energy moods to intentional high vibration moments.

Paige dedicates a majority of her time to collaborating with others to sustain their own optimal lifestyles dictating their own schedules, satisfying adventures, and maintaining personal health and financial wellbeing.
“The way I see it, life is not a pursuit of happiness but rather a constant aligning of your soul purpose with intention to your inspired passions and goals”.

Paige is passionate about reading and highlighting practical wisdom of the ages, Island hopping, culture, rejuvenating retreats, DJ’ing, writing, filming, trampoline jumping, meditating, intellectual conversing, and coaching. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, a city known for “Keeping it Weird.”

Twitter: @VibesMatter

Paula Burton
Holistic Health Counselor + Pilates instructor

Success Story:

Before joining Live Well, I worked in the non-profit sector, but at the age of 31 I had reached my goals and peaked in my position and income range. There was no viable career path for me, unless I changed organizations and applied for a VP position. This wasn’t appealing because it meant more time away from my family and less job satisfaction as I would no longer be “in the field” working with donors and prospect, something that I loved doing.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and with my dance and Pilates background, I knew my heart was pulling me in a different direction. I wasn’t totally sure what I was looking for, so google searched words that were authentic to me; time freedom, unlimited income potential and, of course, health and wellness. I came across Carmen and Live Well and enrolled within a week of discovering this amazing group of professionals.

A year and a half later, my residual income is high enough to allow me to work part time at my current job while I continue to build my thriving health/wellness business. My husband and I plan to move to Central America in 12-18 months to work, play and live life – as it should be! None of this would be possible if Live Well hadn’t come into my life. Thank you Carmen + Live Well!”


Paula Burton is a holistic health counselor, certified Pilates instructor and founder of Urban Girl Wellness, An Urban Girl’s Guide to Wellness. She is passionate about empowering people to live healthier more vibrant lives.

In addition, Paula works in the nonprofit sector where she fulfills her philanthropic side working for a hunger-relief organization whose mission is to engage the community in the fight to end hunger and provide resources for those in need.

She is honored to partner with Live Well International. It has completely changed her perspective on life and has shown her the value of working more passionately and from the heart verses working harder and longer hours. Her business has grown leaps and bounds since joining LW. She looks forward (very soon!) to committing her energy full time to Urban Girl Wellness, coaching, mentoring and teaching yoga and Pilates.

Paula was recently featured in MindBodyGreen and proudly guest blogs for various Yoga Studios throughout the country.
She resides in Denver, CO with her husband, Michael and their four dogs.

Twitter: @UrbanGW

Rebecca Neelis
Health Coach + Aspiring Yoga Instructor

Success Story:



Rebecca is a coach and aspiring yoga instructor who enjoys helping women promote balance in their personal and professional lives as they strive toward their goals.

After becoming more involved in yoga and earning a Masters in Training and Development at the University of Denver, she realized her aptitude for coaching and the necessity of seeking balance in all areas of wellness. She’s currently a health and wellness coach for Urban Girl Wellness.

Rebecca understands the importance of creating a purposeful life and practices setting positive intentions to live by every day. She now volunteers at a local career center helping women to gain employment, shares wellness advice through a blog, and will soon take on the personal challenge of yoga teacher training.

Rebecca currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her rubenesque cat, Tuggo, but will soon be making the move to San Diego, California to live with her boyfriend. She enjoys running outdoors, yoga, cooking new recipes, and indulging her questionable taste in subpar romantic comedies.

Stoney Eskew
Nutrition Coach and Metabolic Specialist

Success Story:

Live Well International and Carmen Marshall have been such a blessing for me, my family, and my business! I attribute much of my personal weight loss success to being on such great products and learning the key concepts of anti-inflammatory eating to Carmen and her SexyFit Nutrition Challenge. I had my whole family do her 30 Day Challenge, and they did awesome! My dad lost 18 lbs, my fiancé at the time lost 21 lbs, my mom lost 11 lbs, and my brother lost 7lbs. Along with the significant weight loss, they also saw dramatic improvement in their blood work numbers, which made me even happier. Knowing my whole family is healthy is the most important thing to me!

As a busy personal trainer and entrepreneur starting my own Metabolism Testing business, I used to feel frustrated a lot of the time. First, I was so busy with clients and office work that I didn’t have the time to develop a structured online nutrition plan for my clients. I know that nutrition is 80% of the results, so I wanted my clients to do what I had done, which was to be on the best of the best products and learn the key concepts of losing weight the right way. Second, because my income was dependent on my clients making appointments with me, it tended to be quite inconsistent from month to month.

Live Well and the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge gave me the answer I was looking for! Being a SexyFit Nutrition Coach, I can now plug my clients into an amazing, proven program that I know works, while teaching them all they need to know for long term health and success. What’s more, the residual income I earn from being a coach and a member of Team Live Well has given me a financial foundation I know I can rely on!”


Stoney Eskew is a Nutrition Coach and Metabolic Specialist in Colorado. She has over 11 years’ experience as a personal trainer and has helped thousands of people lose weight and get healthy by focusing on lifestyle changes.

Stoney has a unique connection with her clients that stems from her own personal weight loss journey. After years of yo-yo dieting to compete in physique shows and modeling, Stoney finally dropped the diet mentality and started focusing on speeding up her metabolism and living a balanced and active lifestyle.

She now finds it easy to maintain her high school weight again and is helping others do the same so they, too, can enjoy the same freedom from dieting.

She is founder of True Metabolism Testing, LLC, where she and other Metabolic Specialists partner with health professionals, gyms and corporate wellness programs to bring the technology of Metabolism Testing to people throughout Colorado.

Stoney enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, riding horses, reading, taking her 2 big lovable dogs on hikes, and cheering on the Denver Broncos. She also loves traveling and being by the ocean!


Suzette Anderson
Homemaker & Certified Pilates Instructor

Success Story:

Joining Live Well was my own “a-ha” moment. It was the piece of the puzzle I’d been missing and fit perfectly with my background, passions and skill set. Since joining Live Well, I’ve enrolled with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition out of NYC to become a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor. My husband Jamie, has now retired and we’ve been able to move back to northern California where we live with our three four-legged children, Sparky, Rocky and Shasta.


Suzette is a native Californian and grew up in northern California, near the heart of the wine country. She got married and had children in her early 20’s and soon found herself in the role of “taxi mom” to two active children, and a corporate wife to a husband, who was rapidly advancing in his career, and moving them all over the country. That left little time for her to focus on a career of her own.

The last 11 years were spent in the metro area of Denver, Colorado and in between gymnastics, cheerleading practice, soccer and ice hockey, she filled her time creating workouts for she and her husband to do in their home gym and cooking healthy meals and even creating some of her own recipes. With a family history of heart disease, ADD, and weight related issues, not to mention a personal diagnosis of osteopenia, this was especially important to her.

Fast forward to 2009, with her youngest just one year away from graduating high school and leaving for college, she decided to take her passion for fitness and good health outside the home. She started working at a local health club and explored her options for sharing her passions. After suffering from activity related injuries and turning to Pilates for therapy, she found her fit. She became a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2011 and taught mat, reformer, chair and tower in both class and private settings. She especially enjoyed teaching to beginners and sharing with them their “a-ha” moments.

Tammy Kelly Create a Life You Love

Tammy Kelly
Phlebotomist, SexyFit and Wellness Coach

Success Story

I found myself in a rut. I loved my job but I needed more. After several years of watching my friend and mentor Tina blossom into this amazing person I decided to join her LiveWell Tribe. Since joining the team I have lost weight and my energy level and moods have improved. I am making healthy choices and treating myself better. I have become a Certified Wellness Coach and I love to help people with their health care needs. LiveWell is a positive influence in my life and I am so happy to be building my business, being my own boss and on my way to financial freedom.”


Tammy is a wife and mother of two active teenage boys who keep her quite busy. She spends a lot of her time at track or swim meets. She lives in Gilbert, Az. Her passions include swimming in her pool and spending family time with her husband, Dustin and two wonderful boys, Brody and Brendan.

Tara Hantske Create a Life You Love

Tara Hantske
Online Marketing Goddess

Success Story

Prior to joining Live Well International and, I struggled to put together a career that allowed her to stay at home with my kids and create time and financial freedom. Becoming a certified health coach and joining Live Well and Carmen Marshall as their Online Marketing Goddess (OMG) became the perfect combination. I’ve been a long-time follower and admirer of Carmen and Live Well. Carmen exudes positive energy, confidence, and radiates health – being a part of her team has had such a positive impact on all areas of my life. ”


Tara has always had a passion for health and wellness, but also marketing and business. Her background as a division 1 athlete at the University of Denver on the Women’s Lacrosse Team enhanced her understanding of the importance of health, wellness, and taking care of yourself. Tara graduated with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing in 2005. She has held many different professions – from professional recruiter, middle school teacher, varsity lacrosse and field hockey coach, to event and marketing coordinator contractor at NASA – always struggling to find a perfect balance between being a part of the wellness industry while utilizing her strengths in marketing and business.

In 2011, Tara enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She launched her own website and health coaching career through Tara Hantske Wellness. In 2012, the final piece came together when she joined Live Well International and Carmen Marshall as their Online Marketing Goddess.

Tara lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and two chocolate labs.


Teresa & Bill Flecky
Real Estate + Fitness Business Owner and Corporate Executive & CEO

Our Success Story

We did what our parents told us to do; go to college, get a good job, work hard, retire. Both of us were employed right out of college, working full time…eating, sleeping, getting ready for work, working, eating, sleeping, getting ready for work…you get the picture. Bill working his way up the ladder to CEO; Teresa eventually putting aside her career as a Audiologist & Speech Pathologist to become a MOMpreneur (stay-at-home MOM)!

Things were going great until we hit some bumps in the road. What were we to do?! We decided to start our own medical device business. To make a long story short, we gave the time, we gave the money, we lost our time, we lost our money. Back on track; Bill as CEO, Teresa into Real Estate, teaching fitness & wellness classes (her passion) and raising 2 Division 1 Athletes (daughters!!)

We were too busy to even consider anything else…so it took 7 invitations before we decided to look at what Live Well had to offer. And we are SO grateful we took the time to really look at Live Well – it changed EVERYTHING for us. We have always been interested in creating an abundant & healthy life for our family on our own terms and in Live Well, we found just that. We found a business that could create a passive, recurring income stream, with systems, training, products, mentors and team members that we love. It had wellness systems in place so we didn’t have to create them on our own. It had business and leadership training so we didn’t have to go elsewhere. And best of all, we could build a business that we loved doing, while creating financial stability, LIVING health and helping others do the exactly the same.”


Teresa has always had a passion for helping others with their health & fitness. It began with her love of competing in swimming & diving, followed by teaching aspiring athletes. As an Audiologist & Speech Pathologist, she continued to help others achieve success. As a mother of two daughters, she & her husband, Bill, were determined for Teresa to become a MOMpreneur (Stay-at-Home Mom!) Combining the best of both worlds, Teresa founded a fitness business to help men, women & children with their health & wellness.

Joining Live Well International as a certified Wellness Coach, has enabled her to share, educate & simplify health for many people across the globe. She is also certified as a Health Coach and as a Group Fitness Instructor where she is passionate about helping others live life to their fullest in happiness & health.
Bill, an MBA Corporate Executive & CEO, decided to join Teresa. Together, their mission is to inspire and empower others to transform their lives – to really live the life they want.


Tina Siegrist
Para-Medical Esthetician

Success Story:

Partnering with Live Well has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me as a professional in the health & wellness industry. Over the past decade I’ve been able to offer more value to my patients & clients through Live Well’s life-changing programs while increasing my business. I now have total control of my schedule, I work when I want to work and play when I want to play.

It’s an uplifting feeling to be involved in this amazing community of wellness professionals that are serving others while living their passion. On top of everything, partnering with Live Well has helped me develop my financial future so that I can do what I love every day.”


Tina Siegrist is a Para-Medical Esthetician, and has worked in the dermatology industry for nearly a decade. Tina realized early on that she could only do so much topically to help others with their skin care needs. Her education and experience taught her that it takes more than just a great skin care regime to look and feel our best. Tina began her health & wellness journey by studying and integrating holistic health methods into her practice. She started teaching her clients to look at the whole picture – from what we eat, to what we feed our cells AND to what we put on our skin.

After realizing her income potential was capped because she could only see so many patients each day, charge so much and work so many hours, Tina decided to make a change. Entrepreneurial, driven and with a strong desire to help others, she decided to not just treat skin, but treat the whole picture and become a health & wellness coach. Tina was introduced to Live Well International & realized immediately that this is what I was looking for. She teaches & inspires people to achieve passion, purpose and balance in their lives while helping them become beautiful inside & out.

Tina is married to the love of her life and has 2 beautiful children. The family travels all over the world and enjoys learning about other cultures and lifestyles.
In addition, the entire family has taken on a lifestyle of health and are often featured in Live Well’s Online Nutrition Challenge as real life examples of a longterm healthy lifestyle change.



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