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Who We Are

Live Well International is a wildly fun, integrity-based wellness, training and business development company attracting people from all walks of life wanting to dramatically improve their health, lifestyles and incomes.

What Does That Mean?

Live Well International TeamIt means we’ve developed the industry’s leading wellness programs, and we want good people on board with us. By joining Live Well, we’ll give you a complete system to partner with and/or create your own business, using our world-class online wellness programs that increase client loyalty while increasing your bottom line—or providing a full income, depending on how much you’d like to get involved.

In sum, you help others learn how to use our programs while blissfully supplementing your current income—or leveraging our exclusive, highly lucrative business model to turn this into a full-time income for yourself and your family. The conscientious way.

By helping others improve their health, their glow and their vibrance—you win.

And so do they.


Live Well Philosophy

Compromise is a myth.
You CAN have it all.
Wealth. Health. And the time for what matters.
For your friends. Your family. And that morning yoga class, darn it.


Because it’s not about working harder.
It’s about working smarter.
And earning with integrity.

And still having more hours in the day

Than you’ve ever had before.

Hours for PLAY. Hours for REFLECTION. Hours for researching that faraway land, learning Italian, taking that pottery class. Hours for just BEING STILL. Or hours to do nothing but run from foreign country to foreign country, if you darn well please.

Hours for not feeling guilty for taking some so-so-far-overdue YOU TIME. Hours for journaling your most treasured thoughts, experimenting with your most treasured ideas, and bonding with your most treasured friends. Maybe over endless cups of Joe. Maybe your favorite Darjeeling. Or maybe even that posh French wine you’ve been saving. (For far too long.)

Or maybe you just want the hours for the simple things. For seeing the smile ON YOUR LITTLE ONE’S FACE. Or maybe for rediscovering the smile ON YOUR OWN.

Because this life is so, so short.
And oh-so-volatile.


Earn more. Live more. Feel more. Experience more.

And never, ever settle for less.

Our Live Well Mission


  • To empower, teach and inspire you to create a life you love, and a life that works.


  • To do so with integrity, vibrance, and the belief that YOU WERE MEANT FOR MORE.


  • To help our partners develop and rock our proven business model—with ease, with enthusiasm, and with unshakable confidence.


  • To help our partners create a soulfully sexy, wildly lucrative income as a result. (Our favorite part!)


  • And to provide the highest quality lifestyle program, product and education for our clients around the world. One life. One shot. And we refuse to let it slip. For us or for you.


Live Well International

Meet Our Founder

Carmen Marshall of Live Well International Create a Life You LoveCarmen’s Intercontinental Lifestyle: Video coming soon.
Carmen’s Featured Blog: Intercontinental Life Blog
Get to know Carmen:

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Carmen has been self-employed for 16 years, and is one of the top business, health & lifestyle professionals in the industry. Having built 3 successful businesses and two international network marketing companies that put her in the top 1% of income earners in the US, she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face and what is required for both business and life success. A true entrepreneur, lifestyle master and international wellness coach who walks her talk, Carmen is the founder of Create A Live You Love™, the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge, a 30 Day online Nutrition Program and Live Well International, a business and lifestyle training company.Carmen currently lives in Bali and Miami. She continues to write, vlog, coach and hold “Create A Life You Love” online courses and retreats. Carmen also works in partnership with the Handel Group Life Coaching supporting the self-employed design limitless lives, writes for Glam Today Magazine as their Business and Lifestyle Expert, and The Daily Love. She openly shares her journey, knowledge and life, as her mission is to inspire and empower women to design their own lives to be healthy, successful, balanced, powerfully feminine & happy.

Carmen is an authentic and living example of what every woman can be and do, and has inspired and empowered thousands of women worldwide to create a life they love, and a life that works.

Carmen is also a fitness, nutrition & raw food expert, a Zumba® + SexyFit™ Dance Teacher and is passionate about Brazilian Zouk, Contact Improv and Tantra Yoga. When she’s not working doing what she loves with Live Well Partners or connecting with her community and friends, you can find her zenning on a beach, shakin’ her booty latin dancing, traveling or enthusiastically exploring human potential, consciousness & how to manifest & co-create with the universe.



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