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Unique Training Systems

Here at Live Well, we provide you the systems, training, and team support to make a successful (and meaningful) business possible.
For you. For your clients. All in the name of helping you build a business you love and doing this one life RIGHT.

  • Live Well International Unique Training SystemsWith us, you don’t have to start a business from scratch (intimidating!) We’ll give you every single thing you need—from what to sell, to how to sell it. No detail left behind.
  • Because you’ll get access to our complete system, you’ll get your business up and running in a much shorter time frame than you ever could on your own. Why waste time?
  • Our system isn’t just any system—it’s the best in the entire wellness industry. In terms of product, in terms of integrity, and in terms of earning potential. That’s a promise.
  • Live Well’s founder, Carmen Marshall, is a leading expert who knows this business backwards and forwards. As a prominent entrepreneur and lifestyle coach who has owned two successful companies, as well as been a top income earner in two network marketing companies, she’s taken all of her knowledge, experience and secrets and put them into the Live Well system.
  • Live Well believes that in order for us to be successful, you must be successful—with that end in mind, we’ve been scrupulous about developing exact how-to systems. In other words–all the guesswork? Gone.
  • We aren’t just about building strong businesses—we’re about building strong lives, too. And that principle stays with us throughout.
  • You can also access our weekly leadership training calls—live–not only for business growth, but personal development, too.
  • When you build a business through Live Well, you can build locally, nationally or internationally—your choice! Learn from Carmen Marshall, an authentic and transparent mentor who’s walking her walk, talking her talk, and has created an intercontinental lifestyle through Live Well International…and how you can, too.
  • Want to live anywhere in the world and make a fantastic income doing what you love? Learn how to build a successful online business, right from your laptop. Run your business from absolutely anywhere; take a page out of Carmen’s book and start creating your own intercontinental lifestyle. Maui or Bali or… (your choice) awaits.
  • Tap a resource you can’t find anywhere else—join our international community of like-minded wellpreneurs, and gain access to cutting-edge information in the health and wellness industry.
  • Isn’t it time you started creating a life and a business you love? We’ll help you do just that.


Partner Business Training

8 Week Training Schedule
A structured training schedule to start you off strong and keep you on track with your new financial, professional and personal lifestyle goals.
Weekly Leadership Call
A weekly call led by Carmen Marshall and noteworthy Live Well Partners to help you stay connected, motivated, on top of your game and learning from the best.
Weekly Action Plan
The one thing that will help ensure your short and long-term success—proven time and time again, by keeping you accountable on a weekly basis. Don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s fun to see yourself growing!
Private Partner Forum
Join our forum and start invaluable conversations with industry experts, fellow partners, and resources who are there to help and support you with your business building questions and needs. An absolute must.
Tele-seminars, Live Trainings & Retreats!
Tele-course trainings and in-person retreats offered throughout the year for business, health and life success. While you can build your business anywhere in the world and completely online, we also do a yearly live trainings, convention and retreats for you to be able interact with like-minded entrepreneurs. And boy do we have fun.

Live Well Wellness Systems

Create A Life You Love™
A FREE crash course for prospective Live Well Partners on how to live your way into the life (and bank account) you were meant to have—while never compromising your values, your relationships, your health, or any of the juicy stuff that truly matters. In addition, our Create A Life You Love™ webinar is where we help you see the big picture of what we do at Live Well, and whether our philosophy, mission and business model resonate with you.
SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge
Want your own online nutrition program? Live Well can make it a cinch for you to get started! There’s two ways we can help you: The first is by partnering directly with us, and use our SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge as your own, or the second is to build your own nutrition program brand using our same business model, content and templates–right out of the box. Both no-brainers. Both no-hassle. And both highly profitable. You pick!
Health & Wellness Spa Seminar
Live Well’s very first wellness system, created in 2005. For anyone who really enjoys live, in-person interaction, we’ll give you everything you need to reproduce one of our most popular seminars, focusing on holistic health (everything we put in and on our bodies) in an interactive setting. This is a wonderful system for Live Well Partners that like to do things live, and in person. The profit and satisfaction? All yours.
Nutrition Seminar
Another system for those who like in-person interaction—and want to supplement their income giving live seminars! Live Well’s second wellness system focuses on the “triad of health” – proper supplementation, low-glycemic eating and moderate exercise: Similar to the Health and Wellness Spa seminar, this is a wonderful system for Live Well Partners who like to do things live, and in person.
International Business Building
Want to live anywhere in the world and make a fantastic income doing what you love? Learn how to build a successful business internationally, right from your laptop. Run your business from absolutely anywhere; take a page out of Carmen’s book and start creating your intercontinental lifestyle. Maui awaits.


Launch Your Own Online Nutrition Program

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