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You’re in the Right Place If…

    Live Well International You're in the Right Place

  • You’re downright passionate about wellness and health—and now just need to figure out how to make a living with your passion.
  • You want to fully experience life. You like nice things. Or travel. Or both. Disclaimer: Our partners earn lucrative incomes, and frequent trips to places like Bali or Maui are a likely part of your future. (Just ask our founder, Carmen.) We want you to live the life you were meant to live, and have the time and money to do just that.
  • You understand that your time is limited, and you want to be proud of your accomplishments.
  • You want to earn a conscientious income, make money that feels good to make, and have a positive impact on the world. (This is really important to us.)
  • You aren’t afraid of digging in and working hard, if it means that the quality of your life tomorrow will be exponentially better.

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